You’ve never had Chipotle?!

I’d never had Chipotle until Monday night.

True story.

Chris and I were jonesing for some dinner Monday night- the type of dinner we didn’t have to make ourselves, that is. So we started going through the list of places we haven’t been recently.

“L&L?” asks Chris.

“Veto.” L&L does not have a good rapport with me.

“Maybe Chipotle…”

“Hhmm. You know, I’ve never been to Chipotle.”

Chris drops whatever’s in his hand. Bethany stares over her laptop screen.


Chris pulls me into a hug. “Oh, babe.” He pushes my head to his shoulder and strokes my hair. “It’ll be okay! We’ll get you Chipotle, and it’ll all be okay!”

(My boyfriend is kind of a drama queen. But he’s cute, so what can you do?)

So we went to Chipotle. Chris prepped me for the experience on the way. “It’s like the Subway of Mexican food. You pick burrito, tacos, or bowl. Then you pick your meet. Then the veggies, then the salsa. Guac costs extra.”

We get to the counter and I ask for a burrito. Chris tells the Chipotle guy, “This is her first time.” “Ever?” the guy asks. Chris nods solemnly.

So the guy makes me the fattiest burrito I’ve ever seen in my life. Then he gives me free guacomole – “since it’s your first time.” Why thank you, Chipotle guy.

Then we get home, Chris insists on climbing up on the couch to get a really good picture of my burrito and I for picture of the day, and then I get to eat it.

And it’s amazing.

Chipotle: 1


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