Announcement! Announcement!

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming!

The Christmas Announcement Party was simply splendid this year. Just a nice October evening spent celebrating the arrival of everyone’s favorite holiday. (Except mine. My favorite holiday’s my birthday.)

The CAP, for those not in the know yet, is a celebration started by Jarrod’s family from way back when he was just a little tyke. Over the years, Jarrod’s spread it to our group of friends, and we’ve held it every October for the past four years. 

It’s magical.

For whatever reason, this particular year’s gifts were much funnier than years past. Hence, pictures of everyone in their most joyous Christmas moods.

Co, Kim, and Brad watch David open a gift.

Apparently it was really funny. Jess thought so, anyway.

Oh! Just kidding, David hasn’t even opened it yet. Apparently it’s just the process that’s 
cracking everyone up.

Okay, I do remember what happened here. Justin stole Genessee’s phone and was sending out fake texts to people in her contacts, including the youth pastor. Good thing Gen’s got a sense of humor.

Woot! It’s me and the OSF! This guy went to the mat for me during the gift exchange; he stole the only good gift of the lot, a fluffy soft blanket that everyone wanted- especially me!

Playing with the gifts. In this case, those foam sea creatures that form in water. 
They didn’t work.

Co didn’t come in an ugly Christmas sweater, but he made up for it with the hat.

More gift opening with Tori and David.

Oh, Ryan Poole, you can hold up the gift you picked all you want, but no one wants to steal it from you.

And yet somehow he ended up with another silly gift to try to pawn off on other people.

Ryan Cerutti became the proud owner of a leftover party favor candle from 
David and Tori’s wedding in 2006!

And we’ll end our Christmas festivities with a classic David portrait:

Merry Christmas (in October)!

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