So excited… because wee sing!

Confession (but not a big enough one to constitute an actual Confessions entry… but still big enough that I’ll label it under Confessions):

I have looked long and hard, for years and years, for a CD version of Wee Sing Bible Songs.

Now, for regular readers of the ol’ blog, probably nothing nerdy that I do shocks you anymore. For those just tuning in, hi. I’m a nerd. I like to scrapbook, stay at home on Friday nights, and I’ve spent a number of years haunting the online library book catalog for a CD of children’s Bible songs.

But! I have my reasons!

When I was little, before they came out with DVD players attached to the back seats of SUV’s, we had these things called cassette tapes, and our family had two kinds: kids singing Bible songs and kids singing Broadway songs.

(I’ve already got all those Broadway tapes on CD; they were easy to find.)

We loved these tapes. We sang along from the time we could pronounce our first words until… well, I’ll still put on one of those Broadway Kids CD’s every once in awhile, so take what you will from that.

So! Imagine my excitement when I typed in a search a few weeks ago and found that the Wee Sing CD’s were currently being ordered for the San Diego County Library system… and there was only one person ahead of me on the hold list (probably the person who’d suggested they get the CD’s).

I got the CD’s today.

And they’re every bit as amazing as when I was five.

Someday my kids will listen to these songs while strapped into their car seats, as we run errands around town. And they’ll know the books of the Old Testament, the names of the twelve disciples, the stories of Jonah, Zaccheus, David, and Father Abraham, and that God’s got the whole world in his hands.

These are the important things to know when you’re five. Or twenty-five.


One thought on “So excited… because wee sing!

  1. Jessica October 19, 2009 / 6:17 pm

    Burn 'em! i WANT!

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