A Day at Disney

Well, more like a quarter of a day. Because Chris and I didn’t even leave until around 11:30, and then we had to stop at Fossil in Carlsbad to repair his watch, and then a WalMart a little further up the road for me to pick up some knock-off Uggs since it was already getting chilly at noon, and I had come dressed for summer in my flip flops.

But finally we made it there. We watched the Jedi training, where they take all the little kids from the audience, teach them how to use a “training” light saber, and then let Darth Vader loose on the crowd of five-year-olds. (This is not an exaggeration. And it is awesome to watch.) We tried to go for Space Mountain after that, but the fast passes were already gone, and we didn’t want to wait in the 90 minute line just yet, even though Space Mountain has been tricked out for Halloween.

Instead we headed to Buzz Lightyear, where Chris told me he was going to beat me soundly and that I’d better not cry about it. Well, he did beat me, and I lost my lens cap on the ride, too! Boo! Luckily, we went back and they’d found my lens cap (and a few other brands of caps too- they tried to send me off with a Minolta), and we played again and I kicked his behind soundly that time. To be fair, his laser genuinely wasn’t working properly, so I suppose I shouldn’t really call it a win. I’ll call it a slap of humility instead. Sometimes boys need those.

We took off for California Adventures and the Toy Story ride next, and this time I really did beat him, by a whopping 20,000 points I might add. I couldn’t feel my arm afterward, but it was so totally worth it. We walked over to Tower of Terror, one of Chris’ favorites, just as it was getting dark, and got the rush that comes only from being dropped weightlessly four or five stories.

Headed back to Space Mountain, only to find the ride was still about 85 minutes. We made the executive decision to call it a day and head out to La Brea, the cute bakery in Downtown Disney, for bread bowls and soup/chili. Except they had run out of chili! Boo! So I got a panini instead. My very first panini, and you know what? It wasn’t bad. (But also not worth $7.)

Pictures from our Disney day:

It’s fall at Disneyland, which means everything is orange and yellow and red! And there are pumpkin Mickeys everywhere!
Chris does finger exercises in preparation for the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.
Me! Finishing off my (corn) tortilla from the Tortilla Factory, and feeding the birds while Chris takes my picture at  Picture Spot in California Adventures.
This was supposed to be a much better picture i which the balloons would have been more of a focal point. But people are so ridiculous; they always move when I try to take really great pictures involving them!

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