One thing off my list…

… and that’s updating the blog! Hurray!

I know some of you might not really care. But I write my blog so I can look back and remember someday, and it stinks when I think about all the things I’m forgetting to include, things that are making life just so darn memorable right now!

Okay, we’ll start at last Saturday. Lizzie and Brad got hitched, and Lizzie was a beautiful, stunning, calm, picture of elegance kind of bride. You could just tell all day that she was having the best time. So beautiful, Liz. My picture of the day for the fifth is Lizzie getting ready to eat her wedding dinner, with her special Bride apron, and the glowing, floating candles behind her.

I’ve still got a few more to go through for the actual wedding post, but hopefully soon! I think I’ve still got a bit of time before she and Brad get back.

Sunday night Ryan came over to Chris’ with the best idea: weekend road trip to central California to catch Spring Awakening in San Jose, and a new musical in previews called American Idiot, starring John Gallagher, Jr., who just happens to be an original Spring Awakening cast member himself. Best idea of the year! So far it’s Chris and I, Ryan and Sarah, and two of Ryan’s other friends. We’ll do Spring on Friday night, American Idiot on Saturday afternoon, and then have Saturday evening and Sunday to explore and do touristy things in San Francisco.

We are all very excited about these plans. Too bad we have to wait until the end of October!

Ryan made the picture of the day with his L&L meal. L&L is a Hawaiian barbecue place just down the street from Chris’, and the boys love it. Sunday night was my first taste of “Hawaiian cuisine” and sadly I can’t say I’m a real fan. It was a lot of food, but I thought it was just too overpriced for not enough yummy goodness.

Ryan and I voted two against one to rent 17 Again. Chris was opposed when he heard the reviews weren’t stellar, but it ended up being really cute and funny, and he eventually admitted he liked it. If you haven’t seen it yet, go rent it! Definitely a must see fun family flick. (A triple F if you will.)

Oh, White Demon. Why do you insist on being broken? I just want to love you and play with you and show you the sites of San Diego. But you’re going to have to start cooperating.

My dad and I took it to the Chevy dealer to run an official diagnostic on it, since my dad was out of ideas of what could possibly be wrong with the thing. The verdict came Tuesday morning: bad fuel pump. Cost: $640 for Chevy to fix it.

My dad said he could do it cheap over the weekend. From what I heard from my sister, he found a great pump at the wrecking yard but the guy somehow broke it when selling it to him.


This is me in the bathroom mirror.

Not everything in my life is as exciting as weddings and babies and demon cars.

And me again. For first official TV Thursday of the season, Chris tried to brand my computer with his Apple sticker. When I wasn’t going for that, he branded me instead.

Like my new necklace?
Then he insisted on taking a picture of me like that, and I insisted at the last minute of holding up my beautiful PC. Take that, Mac Boy.

Below are the onesies I made for Mel and Chris Holz, who are expecting at the end of October. Chris Holz is one of the four Chris’ that comprise my Chris’ inner circle of best friends. We went to their coed baby shower on Saturday (kind of like Justin and Jen’s baby barbecue), and had a great time eating yummy appetizers, watching Mel open adorable presents while Holz modeled (or demonstrated how to use), and figured out scrambled words like cinsavtanscoi.
(The scrambled word is vaccinations, by the way. No one got that one during the actual game, and the ones like me who can’t go on with life until we know the answers to things took quite awhile figuring that one out.)

Here’s one of the reasons I like that OSF boy: we spent our Saturday afternoon with him in the kitchen, baking cookies for a community service project they’re doing at work, and me at the table scrapbooking to my heart’s content. It was perfect.

Sunday. Yet another reason I like that OSF boy: He made me ‘breakfast’ at 1:3o in the afternoon! Eggs, bacon, toast, and he even cut open a pomegranate! Then he insisted on taking a picture of me for my picture of the day!

Let the record show: I really like that OSF.

(I’m generally a fan of people who feed me. )

And finally, yesterday’s picture: my delightful youth venture thugs.

Okay, they’re not really thugs. They’re actually very sweet. Especially these four. But for some reason junior highers just won’t look normal in pictures, no matter how many you take.

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