Ten on Tuesday

1) My current mission in life is to beat Chris’ weekly Farkle score. It’s very, very sad.

2) I currently despise Ryan and Chris for introducing this horridly time consuming game into my life.
3) Popping bubble wrap irritates the skin after awhile; my fingers are so sensitive now!
4) Really looking forward to getting some computer stuff done today: wedding pics, blog updates, writing, and research. Yes, I am a complete and total geek.
5) Got to go up to Sorrento Mesa today for work. That’s $22 to go toward my new/old car fund!
6) Speaking of the new/old car, I’ve decided to name it the White Demon. Hopefully WD will be ready to go by the weekend, and I can finally test out my ipod on the new stereo.
7) Fighting a cold still; hasn’t hit yet, but it’s pestering me to slow down just a bit so it can get me the second I start to think about it. That’s right, I’m on to you, Mr. Virus.
8) I decided to start stealing Chris’ facebook friends for my own. So far I’ve collected Cody, Emily, and Melody… oh so many more to gather!
9) When going through some clothes last night, I came across a white skirt that I think I’ve worn once in the past three years. Wore it to work today; it is delightful. Definitely going into the main group of clothes.
10) Listening to the Rent soundtrack over and over at work… because I keep forgetting to bring my work ipod back from home, and Rent’s the only CD I’ve got in here. Well, that and West Side Story.

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