So much to write about

Yet so little time! It’s almost midnight, and I’m exhausted, but I feel like I haven’t written here in awhile. Much to add soon, including Lizzie’s wedding pictures which came out GREAT. I’m so very pleased with myself over then, actually. Hopefully I’ll get a spare moment this week to catch up; perhaps if these cold-like symptoms I’m currently experiencing decide to officially kick into a full blown debilitating bug, I’ll find some time to log on as I sip orange juice and chicken noodle soup from the comfort of my bed.

Mmmmm… chicken noodle soup….

The OSF has already been knocked out by this cold thingie. He doesn’t want me around in case I get it too, which is sweet of course, except that I was the one a couple days ago saying, “I feel like I’m fighting a cold.” So I may have given it to him in the first place. Sorry, boyfriend.

I just like to share with you.

One thought on “So much to write about

  1. Jessica September 15, 2009 / 4:13 pm

    ewwww…spit sharing…ewwwwww

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