You know what I like about that OSF boy?
It’s Friday night, and the text I get from him says, “Ryan’s hanging out with work friends tonight. It’s just you and me. Can we just stay home?”
And then I respond, “A big, huge, gigantic YES!”
Because we’re both kind of nerds who’d rather stay home on a Friday night. Maybe watch a movie. Maybe upload pictures from the week. Maybe watch Brian Regan’s Epitome of Hyperbole DVD while uploading pictures from the week. And learning how to make fonts of our own handwriting.
Yes. We are that cool.
So while I wait for him to print off the font template, I’ll just go ahead and update the last ten days’ worth of Picture of the Day’s.
Day 238: I get my official name badge for the Charter School of San Diego, because the time has come to go to an official meeting. The annual fall meeting was held at the Sorrento Mesa office, with everyone from all the locations required to be in attendance. For a four hour meeting, I have to admit there was not one moment when I felt myself getting distracted or falling asleep. We played the personality test game, only instead of golden retriever, beaver, otter, lion (like at camp), we were just normal colors. I was blue, which is golden retriever, and gold, which is (GASP) beaver! Somewhere between summer 2005 and this very moment, I’ve become more of an an ornery beaver than a fun-loving otter!
A cool thing I noticed was that each of the CAs matched the teachers they worked for in personality, down to the final color. Weird, huh?

Day 239: Chris and I start making this crazy pasta dish for our night to bring Jen and Justin dinner. (Gotta love the new baby/free meals church thing.) Chris decided we were going all out, and Thursday night we started out making just the meatballs for this dish. The rest was completed frantically in between work on Friday and actually going to Jen and Justin’s for dinner.
Day 240: Okay, I do finally see a little bit of Justin in her here. I think it’s the eyes.
Day 241: 3 months! Woot! Chris found this great restaurant in Point Loma called The Pearl. We had a buy one entree get one free coupon, so we both got the top sirloin– the most expensive dish on the menu. It. Was. Amazing. You know how usually you can’t get a dish with all delicious things? There’s usually one thing at least that doesn’t appeal to you? Not the case here. It was all delicious. We are definitely hitting that place up again. Along with the nice bar/restaurant, there’s a little back room with shag carpeting and pillows on the floor where you can play board games and cards. Chris beat me twice at chess, and we had fun taking pictures of ourselves in the ceiling mirrors.
Day 242: Another painting day.
Day 243: Well, we thought this was the last day with my truck. We were mistaken.
Day 244: For some reason, I was just really enthralled with the line of birds on the sign post.
Day 245: A little discovery when I went to check our community calendar; looks like Jen was there!
Day 246: Adventure at work! Brittany and I head down to the Old Town office so she can show me what mail runs entail. Good thing I went with her too– this was the day the mailboxes were crammed full of new lesson plans for all our teachers.
Day 247: Today! After second work, I headed over to the church across from the library to find out what Liz’s plans were for Brittany and me tomorrow. She asked us months ago if we would take care of photography for the guest book, as well as doing backup photographs for the actual wedding. Sadly, Lizzie was running too late for her own rehearsal, so I snapped some wedding-ish pictures and scoped out a good spot to take our pictures. I know it’s hard to believe, but I’ve chosen a brick wall as my official guest book photo backdrop.
Well, Chris has scanned in my handwriting, so I’m off to figure out how to make my own Jordan font!

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