The Cavalier

You know the “I’m on a boat” song?

Replace that with “I bought a car” and keep the same tune. Cuz that’s what’s playing in my head right now.

Long story short, the brakes on my S10 went out again. That was strike three for the good ol’ S10. And so the hunt for a replacement car began.

Dad and I went up to Miramar on Saturday to check out a white Cavalier being sold from a used car lot. The salesmen were friendly, if not typical salesmen, and my dad’s not one to take any BS, so it was up to me to play good cop. While Dad checked under the hood, I was trying out the driver’s seat and learning about the MP3/CD player that was installed. Score! The even bigger score was hearing that they had a brand new player with ipod hookups that they’d switch in for free.

The car looks something like this:

It’s pretty clean, inside and out (and they’re detailing it too), runs great, has brand new tires, the new MP3 player, and new brakes. The only major thing wrong was the air conditioning wasn’t working properly. But we were able to strike a deal, and they threw that getting fixed in too.

Gosh I hope they can fix that air conditioner.

Chris and I went up there again yesterday evening to officially seal the deal, so it looks like tomorrow will be my last day with the S10.

I’m kind of sad about it. Why do I get so sentimentally attached to my stuff?

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