… it looks like I’ve been a total slacker on this blog. Ha! I’m no slacker! You just can’t see what’s going on behind the scenes. Behind the scenes of this here blog, I’ve been editing and uploading pictures, choosing picture of the days, and generally just trying to remember what happened on specific days, or why those pictures were important.

So, without further adieu, I bring you the mass blog update of August ’09.

We’ll start with the OSF.

He is just adorable. Right?! Just look at those beautiful green eyes!

If I remember correctly, this was a last hour of the day, haven’t taken any other shots today, Chris-please-turn-around-for-the-picture-of-the-day, no-I’m-working, kind of picture. The two of us geeks, hanging out at the computer station again.

Friday night, we went to visit Jen and Justin during their second night home. This picture is by no means perfect, but it spoke to me still somehow. I think it’s the way Jen is looking down at her daughter, and the way Zoey seems to be looking back at her.

Paint War! Chris has been renovating his garage lately, and I’ve been enlisted for painting. Two coats later, and we can still see the splotches from patch-ups. We learned that primer is always a good idea.

Okay, now we’re on to an actual event. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned here that my friend/pseudo-roommate Katelyn just so happens to be good friends with Chris’ cousin Emily. Katelyn and Emily were in the nursing program at Biola together, and are now each working off those private school loans as real-life nurses in real-life hospitals. They even have real-life work stories that involve real-life injured people, real-life babies being born, and real-life needles sticking them on accident.

Hmmm. I wonder what it’s like to have a real-life job. I work with high schoolers. I think I’ll call that a pre-life job.

Anyway, so Emily’s been wanting to come to San Diego to visit for awhile now, and somehow we were able to work out everyone’s schedules so that everyone was free on the same day. The itinerary: Mission Cafe for brunch, bowling, and dinner back at Chris and Sarah’s.

The Mission Cafe, as per us, was fantastic. I was torn between breakfast and lunch for awhile, but opted again for the naked pancakes and wonderful eggs. I think next time I’ll branch out and try a lunch dish… maybe the quesadilla.

Ryan and Sarah got mimosas. Don’t worry, it was like two in the afternoon.

After sitting around in the booth for awhile, trying to decide between mini golf, laser tag, and bowling, the votes were cast and bowling won. We actually got a pretty sweet deal for an hour of bowling- as much bowling as we could handle and shoes- for only $35 total. Let’s just say that the second run-through could have been a new sport called Speed Bowling.

And for once in my life, I got some pretty sweet pictures in a bowling alley. Thank you, Canon 1.8 50 mm fixed lens.

Alright, weekend’s over. Time for last week.

On Monday night Chris and I decided to go grocery shopping together, since both our cupboards were bare. As we’re getting into our cars to go to our respective houses and put away our goods, he hands me a box tied with with a bow and a card, and tells me not to read or open it until I’ve gotten home. And put the groceries away. What a meanie he is.

So I get home, bring my groceries inside, and tear into the card. (What? He’s lucky I even brought the groceries inside.) This is what I found:

I take it back. He’s not a meanie. He’s a cute, cute, cutie is what he is! Inside the box were a pair of Reef sandals. Because my current sandals are falling apart. And he knows I won’t buy new ones until they are officially unwearable.

Heather stopped by the office this week to run something through the fax, and for once she had Gavin with her. Usually she leaves him with Neil or has her mom watch him while she runs errands. But she brought him this day, and I happened to have brought my camera that day. Isn’t Gavin, the little old man baby, just too adorable?

That’s all for this episode. Tune in later for what happened the rest of last week!

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