Can you believe this kid here has a baby of his very own? This is the kid I remember playing Stratego with during elementary school recess. The one who got me and him a detention in fifth grade. The guy who is part inventor of the barrel game. The one who typed up our whole high school round robin story, and who, I think, actually treasures it the most.

Sniff. They grow up so fast!

After a long hard day at the hospital on Monday, the doctors finally decided little Zo just didn’t want to be bothered with a little ol’ thing such as being born, and at 11:32pm, Zoey Dawn Aubrey was brought into the world via c-section, to the two most loving and wonderful parents I could ever imagine anyone having.

Seriously, Jen was a trooper the entire time. All the pictures popping up on facebook depict a smiling, happy, high-spirited Jenafer all day long. And when I went to visit Tuesday morning, not a mere twelve hours after the ordeal, she was still bright-eyed and glowing with joy. You go, Jen!

The best thing about Jen and Justin having a baby? Jen’s totally the type of mommy who wants to do newborn pictures, immediately, before she grows another inch! So sometime next week we’re going to have ourselves an awesome photo shoot, complete with bright blankets and an alert and naked baby. 😉

How precious is this one? Right?!

And me with little Zo-zo. Justin handed her off to me the second I walked in the room, despite my usual newborn hesitancy. (Of course, at nearly 10 pounds, Zoey makes it feel like you’re holding a one month old.)

August 17, 2009: Happy birthday, Zoey!

One thought on “Zo-Zo

  1. justinpaulgibson August 25, 2009 / 2:20 pm

    So Aubs said it was 11:34 PM in his text but this is the second time you've stated 11:32. Which is it? And no, I'm not going to split the difference and say 11:33.

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