No one mourns the wicked! No one cries they won’t return! No one lays a lily on their grave…
So Chris got me a ticket to see Wicked on Thursday night for my birthday, and he and Ryan planned a whole group to go, including Chris’ sister Sarah, their roommate Kristen, and two of their friends. I was super excited to see Wicked, even though I still claim that watching the entire show from a daredevil videographer on youtube was enough to give me the right feel for the show. And I knew that if I could see that the show was amazing from the mezzanine of a youtube video, it was going to be amazing in real life.
Smuggled in my Rebel to get pictures of us at the show, and since the ushers were old guys who never once glanced our way, I snapped a picture of the stage too, before the show began. That’s the map of Oz, in case you’re wondering.

Of course, it was amazing. Even Chris loved it. We actually had the understudy Elphaba, Meredith Kaye Clark, who had a great, strong voice for the role, but we really loved the girl playing Glinda, Katie Rose Clarke. They’ve really added a lot of blonde ditz to that role since Kristen Chenoweth originated, and it really makes the whole musical come together, I feel.
And what’s a trip downtown without me making my friends pose against brick backdrops?


One thought on “Wicked

  1. poloair2303 August 20, 2009 / 5:40 pm

    That is a HOT dress…and some HOT boots! Glad that you loved the performance. Cody saw it the next night and had the original elphaba, not the understudy like we did and he said that she wasn't as good as our girl. Sounds like we lucked out!

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