Battle of the Blogs

So that OSF boy is in Sedona, living it up by the pool and golf course, while I’m stuck here in our air conditioner-less townhouse, with the weirdest sore throat ever, and nothing but my two laptops to keep me company.

I needed some excitement, so I challenged the OSF to a little picture war. He’s got this little Strongbad looking action figure that usually sits on a shelf in his room, which he took on his trip with him for taking fun vacation pictures.

Enter Grumpy Bear. Grumpy Bear is going to help me demonstrate how much fun we’re having back here at home this week, while certain people get to sit in a jacuzzi in Sedona and not have a sore throat that’s spreading to their right ear and making it hard to sleep in on Saturday mornings.

First of all, Grumpy Bear hopes everyone remembered to get their free 7.11 oz slurpee today.

Grumpy Bear stayed up super late last night, watching Anne of Green Gables and eating pepperoni pizza. That bear just keeps going back for more.

He spent some quality time helping me transfer the last of my music from the old laptop to the new one. Grumpy Bear is a lot more focused than I am. Probably because he’s not fighting strep throat and an ear infection.

And what’s a July Saturday without some tanning out by the pool?


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