The perfect kind of Friday night

Mandy, one of my favorite roommates is over; we’re watching Anne of Green Gables and studying/picture editing. Sigh. I miss nights like these with the old roommates, where it was just a normal night to be sprawled out in the living room with a movie, over at the old Rancho apartment.
I’m getting sick. Again. This will make the third time in the last three months, which is really messing with my once a year average. The OSF thinks it’s because I’m so distraught that he’ll be gone for a week. I think I’m allergic to him.
Really though, I think it’s just stress catching up with me. I’m not the type who gets stressed easily, but even I can’t ignore the economic crisis and it’s ramifications on my day to day life. In other words, I’m broke. And while I truly feel every thing’s going to work itself out, apparently my immune system’s decided to crash every once in awhile instead. Excellent.
So I’ll be keeping quiet this weekend, which shouldn’t be too hard considering the OSF’s absence and my lack of funds with which to do anything. I’ve got a lot to finish anyway: the transfer of my files from the old laptop to my new one, Sonia’s wedding pictures, Jen’s baby barbecue pictures, setting up an appointment at the DMV to get a new license (yeah 25th birthday), and refiling my 2006 taxes (long story).
Meanwhile, here are the POTD’s from the past week:
#187: Self-explanatory. I feel.

#188: Ryan practices his golf swing with the only thing handy.
#190: We really like taking pictures + the OSF spends time in the closet packing for his Sedona vacation.
#191: Nemesised! But he still doesn’t know what for!


2 thoughts on “The perfect kind of Friday night

  1. poloair2303 July 12, 2009 / 5:44 am

    Seriously, what did you do?! It's killing me…I have no idea. How about a hint?

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