#186: This is real time, people. July 5, 2009 is Day 186, and it finds the OSF and I at our favorite activity: sitting at his amazing computer desk, laptops and computers at the ready, DVD’s playing on the TV to my left, and a bag of Sour Patch Kids between us. I just love that he’s as “boring” as me.

#185: Fireworks over Coronado. Ryan, Britt, Chris, and I spent the evening eating dinner at Miguels before walking over to the golf course for fireworks over the Marriott. Good food, good fireworks, great friends… it’s all you can ask for in a Fourth of July, really. After Ry and Britt ditched us, Chris and I went on a hot geocaching date. Sadly, we failed in our mission to find the two geocaches we were looking for. Next time, Coronado….
#184: Sadly, this is my only picture of our trip to San Bernardino. The morning consisted of Chris golfing with his high school buddies (Kris and Chris), while I camped out in the neighborhood Starbucks. Then I got to meet the old buddies for a bit (they had to screen me for the OSF; I think I was cleared), before we headed to the parentals, where Chris’ mom showed me baby pictures and taught me how to sew in a straight line. Very productive trip. AND I now know a secret of his that he detests, which has come in very handy for teasing purposes.
#182: Another afternoon well-spent at the glorious desk.
#181: Ryan’s actual birthday, celebrated at Chevy’s Happy Hour, complete with a sombrero!
#180: The surprise Monday night date. We went walking on the beach in Coronado, toured the Dr. Suess statues (which had disappeared on the Fourth of July!), and went to the movies. Yeah, this is a picture of the bank, but it’s the only one I could get clearly from the moving car.
#179: The cute OSF modeling at Sea World. He, Ryan, and I headed to the bay on Sunday for some shows and to look at polar bears.

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