Baby Barbecue

At which we barbecue babies… or at least that’s what Justin was telling us. Justin, the guy who’s going to be a father in a month.

Details to come!

Details are here!

So on Saturday, Jen and Justin had a family/friends barbeque baby shower, mostly because I think Justin wanted to get presents too. Anyway, it was a great afternoon filled with friends, pink streamers, and babies galore (none of which were harmed in the making of this barbeque).

There were lots of pictures taken between me and Justin’s mom. I think every single minute is captured somehow on one of our cameras or another. We’ve got the pictures of the kids (us kids, I mean), pictures with the parents, pictures of present opening, pictures with the cigars (check out Luke Lumsden with his cigar below!). I chose just a few of my favorites to show off here.

I love this group of pictures- it’s Jen opening my present. I ironed on a bunch of cute designs, sayings, birds, and little letter Z’s onto newborn onesies and hats. I’m so glad they loved them, because I had a blast making them specific for little Zoey and her bird-loving, camo-crazy parents!

The baby barbeque was also the first time a lot of people got to meet Chris. I’m pleased to say everyone has decided he is just splendid, and he even has an open invitation to go the Deyling’s for a cigar anytime he wants. And for the record, I did not tell him he couldn’t have a cigar at the party!

2 thoughts on “Baby Barbecue

  1. justinpaulgibson June 30, 2009 / 9:53 pm

    I'll never understand the appeal of cigars. What if the baby doesn't love Justin? What then? Don't put words in her mouth.

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