Ryan’s Lost surprise extravaganza turned out to be a big hit. Chris and Andy really worked to pull off the perfect Lost party, complete with posters of Ryan as a cast member of Lost, Quarantine signs, Dharma labels on the sodas and beers, and a great photo booth backdrop. That OSF is so talented, I tell you.

Jenna doesn’t know what to do on the island!

Ryan’s just happy he’s got Sarah to keep him company on the island.

Sorry, Ben, no cell phone reception on the island.

Two TGO’s stuck on the island! Track 15 for sure!

We even managed to keep it a surprise, so Ryan was a little dumbfounded when he opened the door to find his friends and family waiting for him in what looked like the Lost wilderness island. Of course, it helped that he was just a wee bit tipsy from the fake out bar trip that Beth took him on. 

Read Ryan’s thoughts on his surprise party here!


2 thoughts on “Lost

  1. justinpaulgibson July 2, 2009 / 3:52 pm

    No spoilers, please. I'm waiting until the end of the final season (May 2010) before I go purchase the entire series and attempt to watch them back-to-back one weekend.

  2. Ry July 3, 2009 / 2:10 am

    Yay, nice pictures! I can't wait to see them all, so I can see just exactly how dumbfounded I looked, and how “happy” I was at various points of the night… love all the ideas you guys put together, so very creative.

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