The Vista Strikes Back

Cue Darth Vader music.

Because when I think of my new HP with Vista, Vader comes to mind.

Here’s why:

Vista, much like young Anakin Skywalker, starts out all cute and adorable. You just want to pinch his/its cheeks and hang out with him/it all day long. He’s/It’s freaking smart and seems to be a real asset to the team, right? And somewhere Yoda’s going, “I dont know, guys… I don’t think the force/operating system is so good with this one….” And you say, “What are you talking about, Yoda? He’s/It’s amazing! We can kick some Dark Side/Photoshop behind with him/it on on our side!” And we ignore Yoda’s warning. And we invite Anakin/Vista into our homes.

And we spend a week sharing All. Our. Most. Important. Information. With. Him/It.

Pictures. Music. Documents. All placed in my own perfection-minded folder organization system.

And then Anakin/Vsita goes, “Sucker! I’m Vader! I can’t believe you trusted me! They warned you and everything!”

And then he/it reverts back to Vista standard and erases all my shortcuts, preferences, and set up choices every time I turn my computer off or restart. And hides all my files.

You jerk, Vader/Vista.


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