The mother of all picture of the day updates

So, in my creativity frenzy today, I managed to complete one of my previous projects (for now), and start a new one that I was so excited about last night. It’ll take me awhile to finish the new project (which involves creating templates in shades of pink and soft yellow for a very specific Blurb gift book), but I’ve decided to focus on just one project at a time and see if that helps me actually get some stuff done. And then I won’t be up until 3 in the morning and then back up at 7am thinking about my unfinished business. Hopefully. Cuz I’m freaking tired. But that might also have to do with the three bowls of soup, four breadsticks, and side salad I had at Olive Garden earlier.

I freaking love the all you can eat soup and salad meal. Like, an unhealthy amount. As you can probably see by the amount I ate.

Whatev. I’ll go running tomorrow or something.

Anyway, the project I finished was getting up to date with my picture of the day, which I’d been slacking on since mid-May. (That one I blame Sonia, Paul, their wedding, and the two weeks of being sick after before and after said wedding.)

So without further adieu:

Jenafer cuts my hair and we both pose for a picture.

Jeremy and I go to AGO Banquet.

My first roomie Sonia has a spectacular bachelorette party…

… and gets hosed down with silly string the next day. Because that’s something she’d totally do to us.

The OSF takes it upon himself to teach me how to make things in the kitchen. First lesson: crepes.

(Then there is a brief period of weddings and not being sick where I actually posted things as they happened. And then we pick up at…)

Disneyland with the OSF. Let’s just say he decided it was a good time to get an annual pass.
“An investment” is what he called it.
There were also fireworks. And some of them were in the sky.

Artsy pic of Ryan, cuz that’s how us TGO’s roll!

Brunch with Brittany, Ryan, Jarred, and Johannah at the Tractor Room. We split a meal of pancakes, bacon, and the runniest overeasy eggs we’d ever seen. Then back to the girls’ apartment to crash on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

A free Tuesday night show on a boat in San Diego Bay. Carolina Liar, a favorite of Ryan’s, was there to serenade us, but the crowd really went crazy when this naval boat passed by and honked. (Or whatever it is that boats do.)

My second time being in Creating Keepsakes… the July 2009 issue.

Flowers from two amazing boys in the same day! Beautiful gerber daisies from the OSF as he leaves for a boys’ weekend, and yellow roses from Ryan, who took it upon himself to hand them out to all the girls in his life that day. So cute, and so pretty on our dining room table.

Andy’s pre-flight margarita at our ‘let’s play hooky and go out to lunch’ lunch with Ryan and new friend Sarah. They put in a little extra of the “stuff” when they found out he was flying in an hour. Great service at the Point Loma Olive Garden.

And finally we wrap up with today’s baby model, Lucy Goosey, who is just too impossibly cute for words!

Thanks for listening, everybody! Be sure to check the old Glee premiere post for an update complete with the pictures.

One thought on “The mother of all picture of the day updates

  1. poloair2303 June 8, 2009 / 5:03 am

    Haircut: Cute! But it's no bee hive 😉
    Cooking Lesson: What/when do you want lesson 2?!?
    Disney Pass: An “investment” worth every penny…especially for “the fireworks” 😉 Don't think that I'll forgot about my churro…I'll get it, you wait.
    Ry: Dead sexy.
    Tractor Room: Look I match with the booth!
    Carolina Liar: I spy-Red blinking light! Blue eyes. 😉
    Creating Keepsakes: I'm impressed! Show me more!
    Flowers: they just looked like you, I had NO idea they were your favorites.
    Andy: typical 🙂
    Lucy: Cute!

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