I think it knows.

“It” being my wonderful Gateway laptop that I’ve had since I moved out to Cobblestone with Sonia and Mandy. And “what it knows” being that I’m replacing it with a bigger and better HP.

Bigger and better as in 4 gigs of RAM instead of 1. Bigger and better as in a 400 gb hard drive instead of 60. It’s a gigantic upgrade. And ironically, the new model costs half the price of what I paid for my Gateway.

So the Gateway’s feeling a little lonely lately. And it’s started causing me problems… because it knows. And now it’s lashing out in the only way it can.

Don’t worry, wonderful Gateway. I’ll always treasure the years we spent together. And I do apologize for giving you to my evil little sister. Feel free to mess with her whenever necessary.

On the other hand, I’m having a lot of fun organizing and uploading to my spectacular new HP. Haven’t gotten to mess around with it too much yet, but I just installed InDesign and Photoshop today, so we’ll see how fast this baby runs when I transfer my pictures.


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