Update, Update!

No.: 144
Katelyn’s graduation party. She graduated from the nursing program at Biola last weekend, and after a month hiatus in her home state of Oregon, she’ll be moving down here permanently. Not with us though; her new home will be wherever Sarah and Adam’s new house is. I just hope it’s close by, so we can keep up with our pseudo-roommate’s antics.

No.: 145
Memorial Day! The OSF and I went and played miniature golf for a couple hours, then off to a short stop at Jessica and Mike’s for burgers, a fifteen minute shift at Youth Venture (not my fault no kids were there), this cute little market, Vons, and then back to his house to make delicious tequila lime fish tacos. I tell you, that guy’s a good date.

Now if only we could master the one-armed picture…

No.: 146
Not sure what was going on here… I think I just needed a picture of the day, and these were my three willing subjects. Love how Russ is just surrounded by food and pillows.


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