She’s just so stinking cute!

Alternative title: “If I were ever to kidnap a child, it would probably be this one.”
I stole Lucy for a bit of a photo shoot today before the sun went down, and for the first time she was so accommodating. Look at these cute faces we got out of her! But I think this one here is my favorite. Those blue eyes just kill me.
After I got awesome pics of Lucy, Lucy and me, and Lucy and Justin G. (who so graciously helped me in the making Lucy laugh/keeping her from eating grass department), Jessica complained that she never gets pictures with her own kid. So we hauled her outside in the last of the cold and waning sunlight, and made her pose for the picture of the day. Such a cute little family- if only Gwen hadn’t been at Girl Scouts it would have been a perfect family photo!

And this one, I just couldn’t resist, even though it’s a little blurred and dark. Such a fun baby!

And kudos to Justin G. for taking this picture of me with the little cutie. Cuz I love being in my own pictures, too!

3 thoughts on “She’s just so stinking cute!

  1. Jessica May 26, 2009 / 4:44 am

    You gotta do the collage thing to Gwen. 🙂 Do a photo shoot with Gwen. Hey Jordan…take pictures of Gwen…lots of pictures of Gwen. I need pictures of Gwen…. JOOOORRRDANNNNN!?>?!>!>!>!>!>

  2. justinpaulgibson May 27, 2009 / 9:51 pm

    Amendment: I draw the line at a collage of Mikey unless he also wears a red dress.

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