Mornings and Evenings

I can pretty much always count on Jen to be sitting at the kitchen table when I come stumbling down the stairs around noon each day. (I know, I know- noon! I’m getting better though, I promise!) Whether she’s got her Bible and devotion books spread out, or just talking on the phone like this morning, it pretty much never fails that she’s there to greet me as I grab some juice and head off to work.


Evenings over at the good ol’ apartment have become interesting, with new friends and old finding themselves at our place in the last few weeks. Seems like there’s always something going on at night. Tonight, Wednesday, we watched Once, one of the OSF’s favorite movies, with Jen, Russ, Brittany, Trent (kind of for awhile), Chris, and me. Our movie night was complete with delicious popcorn and quick-cooled (read: stuck in the freezer for half an hour) hard lemonade (original, of course). While I can’t say the movie’s going to go on my favorite’s list, it was definitely a good watch, and I really liked this one song that Kris Allen ended up singing a few weeks ago on American Idol. It’s still kind of stuck in my head. 🙂

One thought on “Mornings and Evenings

  1. Jessica June 1, 2009 / 4:37 pm

    You should “eat” more than just juice in the morning! 🙂

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