Disneyland with some cool peoples

Yippee! It’s finally time for another Disneyland trip!

And even better, it’s a Disneyland trip with a whole bunch of my favorite people, who hardly ever go to Disneyland!

So it was like the most perfect day ever.

The only thing I would change would be getting these yahoos to be better models when I whip out that Rebel camera.

I mean, come one. What’s the point of having an amazing camera, if all your friends will give you is this?

Ridiculous, I tell you. At least Ryan understands my plight… well, mostly. He wasn’t trying to photograph the guys, just fun Disneyland points of interest. I like that he’s looking through his 3D glasses and the camera lens here.

Finally! Jarrod pulls through with some normal faces. The first thing we did was hit up California Adventures to experience the new Toy Story ride. Jarrod and I talked a big game, since we were the only ones who’d played it so far, but in the end Justin of course pulled through to kick all of our behinds, with a pretty wide margin, too. Errrrr. That kid ruins all our fun.

Ducks! Remember how I said Ryan and I found baby ducks in the smaller pond at Disneyland last week? Well, they’re still there! So the group of us stopped and watched as Mama Duck swam with her four babies in a row behind her, until Daddy Duck came along and decided to, well, um… let’s just say he was in the mood to create some more baby ducks….

There’s that OSF boy.

We had a lot of fun together. Would you believe he hadn’t been to Disneyland in years and years? We showed him the ropes of Disneyland excursions, and I believe he is now hooked. Next time- geocaching at the Magic Kingdom!

Then more of this:

Then a little inappropriateness between the guys:

Finally! A real normal picture of Jesse!

And then we’re back to this. Why do I even try? Why? It’s like they don’t even want fun memories of their day.

Except Jarrod. If I can get him by himself in a picture, he’s a brilliant model.

Seriously. Sometimes he takes it a little too seriously.

They guys entertained themselves almost the entire day with their fancy new cell phones, including Jarrod’s brand new iphone. There are some ridiculous games on that thing. And I’m not sure how I feel about everyone being on their phones during the line wait instead of having actual conversations.

Then on to Buzz Lightyear, where Jarrod destroyed us all, with Justin coming in a close second and claiming his gun wasn’t working properly. Yeah, well neither was mine, and I still managed to beat that OSF! (We’ll call it a tie from laser tag the week before, OSF.)

Justin and me. Thanks for smiling for real, Jgushin!

Caught this one of Jarrod by the Grizzly Rapids ride. Love the way the lamp post in the corner tricks your eye into thinking it’s the moon shining on him.

Such a great day, with such fun people! We all stayed for the fireworks and everything, and even though Tinker Bell didn’t jump from the Matterhorn (sad, because I’d really talked that part up to the OSF), it was still a great show. Jarrod, Justin, and Jesse left after that, and the rest of us hit up Small World, Space Mountain, and Matterhorn before heading home. Great day! And I’ve got another one coming up next week, which may be even better! 😉


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