Here comes the bride!

We spent all day Saturday playing scavenger hunt with Sonia for her bachelorette party. Her clues kept her finding bridesdmaids up and down Orange in Coronado, from the park with the gazebo (me), to the hardware store (Zaneta), to the Starbucks (Jeannette and Krista), to the library (no one), to the pet store (Liz), and back to the park. Along the way she collected not only her friends, but the little trinkets of wedding wear seen here:
She loved it. Don’t let her “I’m not sure about this, guys,” face fool you. She loves being the center of attention. Right, Sonia? Sonia….?

I’ve got about a gazillion (read: 275) pictures I took in RAW and need to sort out, but for now I think these few tell a good part of the story of our Saturday. After the hunt, we went down to the beachside of the Hotel del (read: FREEZING!) to take turns getting photos with Sonia, and then we finally headed to dinner at Miguel’s, one of my absolute favorite restaurants with the best chicken strips ever. 

From there we headed to Jeannette’s for some good ol’ fashioned slumber partying, complete with pillows, cheesecake, sour patch kids, and presents. Unfortunately, these are the kind of presents we refer to as unmentionable, so we’ll just skip that part. Um, and the next part. So then… wait… nope, can’t talk about that either. Let’s just say eventually everyone headed off to lullaby land, with the exception of Sonia and me; we stayed up till three a.m. catching each other up on life and love and all the sorts of things roommates usually talk about late at night. Or at least the stuff we used to talk about late at night. 
So congratulations to Sonia, who gets married next Saturday (!) to her best friend Paul Breuninger. Can’t wait to celebrate with them!

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