This is it. For realsies.

I skipped small group.
I skipped running errands.
I’ve got no roommates at home.
I’ve got no TV or Netflixed DVD to distract.
I’ve got a full bag of pretzels.
I’ve got unlimited caffeine free coke, ice cream, and cookie dough.
I’ve given myself an hour to get psyched.
In that hour, I will watch the newest episode of NCIS and consume this wonderful treat I just pulled out of the oven and freezer:
(Oh, yeah. That’s a freakin’ homemade pizookie.)
And then I will write. At the kitchen table. For as long as it takes.
Until 5,000 words are written. Or until this scene is finished.
And then I will go to sleep, wake up early (for me), and try it again.
Peace out.

One thought on “This is it. For realsies.

  1. Jessica April 30, 2009 / 10:51 pm

    And how did it go?

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