Wild Saturday night parties

(Disclaimer: Pictures to come.)

Okay. Saturday.

Saturday was the day Jenna had planned for the return of a friend from college. She’d made plans for a bunch of us to go to Family Fun Center for miniature golf, then out to dinner, then back to another friend’s house for hanging out in the jacuzzi. I was totally down for it.

But then Jen and Justin invited Jesse and me over for dinner and video game night at the Aubrey’s house, where they were housesitting over the weekend. How could I pass up two nights in a row hanging out with some of my best and oldest friends, in the very place where most of our younger antics took place?

So I came up with a plan.

I would hang out with the college crowd for half hour to an hour. Enough time to say hi to Jon Hawk, take some fun pictures, watch a couple holes of mini golf. Then I’d go to the Aubrey’s for a scrumptious dinner and night of kicking Justin and Jesse’s butts at Halo! And then, when the college crowd finished dinner, they’d call me up with directions to Russ’ house for the jacuzzi part of this shindig.

My plan first began falling apart when the three guys came back from the mini golf window with four putters. So then I felt like I had to play, since I wasn’t paying for it. Clearly fate wanted me in this game of mini golf. But it ended up being way fun, especially when Jenna suggested a guys vs. girls contest, losers paying for the winners’ desserts. Oh, Jenn-ay. I never did ask her and Jen what they had to buy the guys after dinner.

I showed up an hour and a half late to the Aubrey’s, but they were just starting to dig in for dinner anyway. Jen had made the best spaghetti I’ve had in my life; her secret was using spicy pork from the 700 pound boar Kayla shot last year. (Just one of many reasons I miss hanging out with the Deyling family.) That spaghetti, paired with Justin’s Famous Salad, some amazing garlic bread, and a case of Smirnoff Ice, was just the perfect meal after two hours in the sun playing mini golf.

After dinner, Jesse and Justin proceeded to kick my behind in Halo, despite the fact that they haven’t played for a couple years and I’ve been practicing regularly on Ryan, Andy, and Chris. I think I’m officially giving up ever beating them at that game. It’s just time.

Kayla stopped by and we broke out the Rock Band, while Jen took my camera around snapping band pictures and photos of the dogs running around (Jen and Justin’s three, and the Aubrey’s two). For once I can actually say I enjoyed playing Rock Band for an hour straight.

By then it was eleven thirty; I was beginning to think the other group had forgotten to send me instructions on the next meeting place. But then Adam called with directions and I said adios to the high school gang and headed up to College Ave for some jacuzzi time.

Oh, boy, did we jacuzzi it up.

We got in at around midnight. At one a.m., we did a quick contest on who had the wrinkliest feet. At two a.m. we discussed our least favorite professors from college. At three a.m. we confessed our best getting-pulled-over stories. (I think Jon wins that one for the cop who told him he’d pulled over Jon’s mother just half an hour before him.) At four a.m. Adam finally decided he had to get up in three hours for church, and the rest of us followed suit.

So that was my Saturday night. Slash Sunday morning. I was close to convincing Jenna to stay up for the sunset, since she’s been wanting to wake up early and climb a hill near our house to watch it. She was all willing for awhile, but sleep took her right after we got home. Oh well. By the time I fell asleep, the sun had already started pushing light through my window.

I consider that staying up for the sunrise.


One thought on “Wild Saturday night parties

  1. Anonymous May 19, 2009 / 4:52 am

    That was such a fun night. I loved it! The pics turned out pretty cute too for an amateur like me!

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