Beautiful Friends

And, yes, I realize that three out of four of our guests tonight were male, but I stick to my description of beautiful for them.

Tonight we had the old gang over. Well, part of it. But definitely some of my favorites. ; )

Jen and Justin and I came up with tonight as an impromptu hangout night after home group Wednesday evening (which went very well, thank you for wondering). We invited Jesse yesterday. And Ryan (who technically would be considered in the new group of friends) is always over here anyway. Or we’re over there.

Okay, we’re usually over there.

It’s because he has all the fun stuff at his apartment.

At our little shindig tonight, there was much talking, much laughing, much playing Mafia Wars on Facebook, and much laughing at How I Met Your Mother.

Jesse had not yet seen How I Met Your Mother. We felt it was a good night to drag him into a new addiction.
Guess what? He loved it. Of course.

There was also some intense calligraphy/handwriting of names onto plain sheets of paper, and then modeling against our awful green wall for a special project I’m working on. I can’t disclose the details just yet, but it’s definitely fun, and so far everyone’s been a good sport about it.

We thought of taping a smaller piece of paper with ‘Zoey’ written on it to Jen’s belly, but we ended up forgetting. Darn. That would have been cute.

I love these friends sooooooo much. Whenever we get together, there’s just so much conversation going on, and people trying to talk over each other, and great memories being remembered, and little fun (yet passionate) arguments that break out here and there… it’s just like old times.

I love the old times. Hanging out with this guy practically every day from age sixteen to twenty-one:

He’s such a nerd. Oh, sorry- geek. I was told tonight that there is a difference. A nerd is, according to Justin, a derogatory term meant for Save by the Bell dorks with tape on the their glasses. Geek is reserved for those who are technologically-minded and enjoy sci fi movies and video games to an exceedingly ridiculous amount.

Eh. He’s still a nerd.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Friends

  1. dyanna April 25, 2009 / 9:29 am

    I lick your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.

  2. Jessica April 26, 2009 / 5:58 am

    dyanna licks your blog. wonder what it tastes like.

    Sorry we missed last night. We wanted to go Sooooo much but mikey did not feel bueno. Can we plan for another one????? šŸ™‚ Puhleeeeeze!?

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