Baby Fever

So about two years ago it seemed like everyone and their mother were getting engaged and married. And now all those same people have begun reproducing.

Guess that’s just how it goes.

But it’s cool, because I get to hang out with all these cute babies now.

Heather and Neil had their tiny kid in December. I was one day off from winning the pool; I’d picked my date based on Heather’s feeling that Gavin would be two weeks early. Then I made the mistake of telling Jesse, and he picked the day before me. When we found out they had gotten to the hospital at 8 pm on Jesse’s day, he texted me that he’d won. And I said, “No way, Jose. It takes awhile to have a kid. He’s going to be born on my day!”

Gavin was born two hours later. And Jesse sent me many “Told you so” texts.

I’ll forgive the kid for coming so quickly because he’s cute. He’s like a little old man baby.

Actually, he looks just like his Uncle Jgushin did when he was a baby. Because I’ve seen Justin’s baby pictures, and Justin was totally a little old man baby.

Heather brings him (Gavin, not Justin) in once a week or so when she comes to do work at the office. And we have fun watching him roll over or play on the floor or making faces at him from across the room to make him laugh. He’s pretty awesome.

Then there’s this kiddo, whom I can’t stop taking a zillion pictures of. Lucy Goosey, of the Jessica and Mikey clan, is just too cute not to photograph . Examples:

I took these today after our egg-dying/egg hunting/egg eating festivities. Lucy’s finally gotten to the age where she likes to play, which I think is the most fun baby stage. She’s also got a newfound love for snacking on people’s clothes: She’ll bury her face in your shoulder and you’ll think, “What a cuddler!” but in reality, she’s actually just sucking on your sweater.

Her cuteness also overrides any annoying clothe-eating habits.

So there’s the two babies currently in my life. Come August, Justin and Jen will have little Zoey, who I already know will be a dark-haired little beauty. Because what else could come from a cross between Jen and Justin? She’s due the 7th, but I’ve already claimed the 8th in the pool; I’m fairly confident this kid knows the specialness of being born on August 8th.

I just love those babies. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Baby Fever

  1. Jessica April 13, 2009 / 8:06 pm

    Holy guacamole, my kid is CAHYOOOTE!!!!

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