A Friday Night Alone


It started out that way. I really wanted to watch a movie. But I was all by myself in the house, and anything I thought about watching just seemed a little dark and scary for an all-by-yourself movie night.
So I called Ry to see if he was as bored at his house by himself as I was at mine by myself.
Guess what? He was. So he came over, bringing Napoleon Dynamite.
I hate Napoleon Dynamite.
But ever since I found out it was Tina Majorino (of Veronica Mars fame) who plays the eccentric girl in it, I’ve wanted to give it another chance, if only for her.
I tried. I really did. But I just hate that movie. Even with Tina Majorino in it.
Then I had a super great idea to run to Wal-mart at 10pm for the egg dye and another carton of eggs. I figured I could beat the crazy last-minute shoppers tomorrow. But apparently a lot of others had that same thought; those seasonal aisles were jam-packed with people and picked-over Easter paraphernalia.
So we had an impromptu Easter egg dying at midnight. I suppose that means it could be considered a Friday at Midnight happening, right?

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