Wednesday Slump (with a chocolate coated finish)

Went to work.
Did work.
Confirmed a craigslist pick up for later in the evening (a cheap power cord adaptor).
Called around to find someone who wanted to go with me.
Ryan took the offer.
Came home to find Ryan waiting outside.
Went to Mission Valley mall to meet the craigslist guy.
Went to Fashion Valley mall to really meet the craigslist guy, who’d thought he was in Mission Valley mall.
Left disappointed that the power cord didn’t fit my laptop.
Decided with Ryan and Brittany to have a movie night at our place.
Texted the OSF, who didn’t want to come over. (But he got his invitation. Let the record be shown.)
Watched NCIS while waiting for Brittany to come home.
Ryan starts falling asleep.
Britt comes home.
I decide I have a craving for Dairy Queen.
I persuade everyone else that they, too, have a craving for Dairy Queen. (My night job is being a Jedi.)
We get in our pj’s and sweatshirts for an ice cream adventure. (Except Ryan. He’s still in his nice work clothes.)
We drive all the way to Santee. (It has the closest DQ.)
We can’t find the DQ.
We call Jesse, a Santeean, and he acts as our GPS.
We find the Dairy Queen.
We are told the Dairy Queen is closed.
I beg and plead that we came all the way from La Mesa, just for some dipped cones, and they let us through.
Ryan takes this picture outside the Dairy Queen.
We drive back to La Mesa.
Ryan decides the adventure tuckered him out and heads home.
Brittany asks to watch Twilight. (She’s the only one who hasn’t seen it yet.)
So our “movie night” turned into more of an ice cream social, and then roommates chilling in our living room. Which is fine with me, since I was already tired out today.
P.S.- Still hating on that Twilight movie….

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Slump (with a chocolate coated finish)

  1. poloair2303 April 9, 2009 / 9:01 pm

    Aww, why did I have to be a bum last night!?!?! BTW, nice blog title. I like that.

  2. Brittany April 11, 2009 / 8:32 am

    There is a DQ in rancho… right by my house, near your old place.

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