Beautiful Sunday

Woke up late today.
Discovered the power cord to my main laptop still won’t work, and the wireless on my netbook once again will not connect to our home network.
Decided to go to Cosmos to get my fill of online goodness and squeeze some writing in.
Got a great couch seat right by the floor to ceiling windows that gives me a great view to people watch everyone on quaint La Mesa Blvd.
I’m at about 600 words so far. I want to get to 1,000 before I go home. And then write another 1,000 at the kitchen table.
I’m also looking forward to cleaning the kitchen tonight, and making myself the Best Salad In The World, taught to me by Justin’s mom.
EDITED for additional info: Went to Flood with Ryan, and to Frye’s for a new power cord… $70, ouch. I’m keeping it in pristine condition so I can return it as soon as I find a cheaper one.
Picture of the day is of the pretty kitchen window flowers that Brittany is currently growing:

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