Blushing Bride

But we’ll leave out all the reasons for blushing from this bridal shower because, well, some girl things should just be kept secret. And I think more guys faithfully read this blog than girls, so really, they don’t want to know what goes on at these kind of things.

Let’s just say we had some fun at Sonia’s bridal shower on Saturday.

These pictures consist mainly of Sonia, Mandy, and myself. For those of you who don’t know, Sonia is my very first non-sibling roommate ever, and Mandy was our housemate that year. Then we switched rooms and Mandy was my second roommate, until we joined forces with Sarah and Jenna over at B22. You can read about our many, many adventures on the old blog

We really loved being roommates.

I like how Mandy’s eyes always look so amazing in pictures. Roommate, you’ve got good eyes.

Yep, that’s a rock on Mandy’s finger now, too. It’s just Jenna and I left now!

So she had fun. And there were minimal embarrassing moments. Just the way she wanted it.

After that, Jeannette and I tagged along for her first dress fitting, and sheesh she looks cute in her dress. Even if was still too big, because Sonia’s the tiniest thing ever. I got some really great pictures at Alfred Angelo’s, but because I know Paul checks my blog every once in awhile, I can’t post them here. Sorry, Paul! You’re going to have to wait until May 16 with everyone else!


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