Break Time

Time to take a little break from this busy weekend. 

My sister’s over here right now. She took her SAT’s this morning, and wanted to come here after “so I could finally see High School Musical 3.” Ah, she’s a cute kid. I like that she wants to come hang out here after a stressful morning. Makes me feel like I’m doing a good job in the big sis department.
Sidenote: Can’t believe my baby sister is 18. 
(She’s still 10 in my book.)
So we’re chilling here, watching the movie, doing some laundry, and generally enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon. 
Last night we went to the free Rascal Flatt’s concert…. Meaning, we went to a park on a hill and listened in. It was fun, but freezing! Can’t wait to try that again in the summertime. The sound wasn’t all that great, but Chris and Ryan swear it’s usually pretty fantastic.
Tonight we’re seeing the national tour of Rent. I’m not sold on Rent so far. I watched the movie this week and was not impressed, but of course the movie can’t be as good as the stage version. So I have hopes that it can still wow me. If not, I still have Spring Awakening to amaze me again and again.
And tomorrow’s another photo shoot at Disneyland. We need to come up with a theme for this one soon. Last time it was Gap Day. Anyone have any fun ideas for this time around?
Another sidenote: Someone told me last night that I was a difficult person to please. Which is shocking, because I’ve always felt I have a very accommodating personality….. Guess I’ll have to work on that.  ; )

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