Last Night…

11:30pm- Got home from Ryan and Andy’s not-Heroes night.

12:03am- Finished getting ready for bed
12:30am- Start the Josh Radin CD in the hopes his mellow voice will lull me to sleep
1:30am- Still awake; second round of Josh Radin
2:00am- Josh just isn’t doing it for me; turn on Netflix and watch Hannah Montana (I know, I know)
2:20am- Google Mitchel Musso; that kid seems fun; he’s even got a blog
2:45am- Still wide awake; head to the archives of one of my favorite blogs and read December 08-January 09. (This blog makes me want to move to Texas and marry a cowboy. Just a little bit. But not really, because I don’t think I could handle farm life.)
4am- Give up trying to get sleepy and start demanding sleep to come.
4:20am- Sleeping… maybe…
4:30am- Woken by Jenna getting ready for work

And the funny thing is that I used to sleep two feet from Jenna and I never woke up when she puttered around the room throwing clothes around and finding her shoes and whatever else she does that early in the morning. But now that I’m in a completely different room I suddenly hear it all. Go figure.

All this is to say that I am tired, people. So very tired. And I don’t think the soup I’m about to consume is going to help it any, but I’m hungry as well as tired, and we all know that hungry + tired = cranky, so what can you do?

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