Apartment Christening

Ryan and Andy have a new apartment!


Guess where I am right now?

Chilling on the super comfy couch, watching the pretty new big screen TV with Andy. 

I think we’re going to be here quite a bit. Just letting you know now, Ryan.

But before the comfy couches and pretty TV were here, it was just a big ol’ empty space. So on Friday night (Friday the 13th, for those of you who are trying to come up with the correct date, ahem, OSF), after Ryan and Andy got the keys and signed the paperwork, we christened the place with pizza, champagne, and our favorite Office Trivia game. 

Apparently, as the night went on, Ryan had just a bit more champagne than the rest of us, which accounted for some over-exaggerated gasps of shock and the inability to read questions more than two lines long.

Brittany: “Can you read the question, Ry?”
Ryan: “Not this one. It’s like six lines long.”

Also, this little moment: 

Chris: “Ryan, can I have your orange Dundee?”
Ryan: Hands over Dundee token without hesitation.
(Approximately six minutes later.)
Ryan: “Hey! You have my orange Dundee!”
The rest of us: “He just asked you for it. And you gave it to him.”

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