Nostalgia and a Picture Update

Tonight there was an alumni basketball game between past players and coaches/teachers/random guys from church. It was pretty awesome. Justin and Jen and I went and cheered on “the old guys,” comprised of our former basketball coach (who happens to be Jen’s dad), our old principal (Mr. Newkirk, who is the picture of the day, and taught us everything from geography to Bible to US. government), Dan Deyling (taught us apologetics and is also the guy I worked for in kids church for three years), and the pastor of our church, among others. It was pretty obvious the game was rigged from the start, and the ref had absolutely no shame in calling fouls on anything for the alumni and turning a blind eye to anything the old guys did. At one point Dan Deyling was holding one of the alumni players down with his knee. And at another point the old guys tried to kidnap an alumni who got too close to their bench.
The three of us agreed it was like taking a trip back in time. Back to the days when Jen and I were in uniform, Justin was cheering in the stands (he’s a great little cheerleader 🙂 or taking pictures for yearbook, and Jen’s dad was yelling at us from the sidelines, while the boys’ team stretched in the corner, waiting for their game to start at 8.
I seriously MISS those days.
The days when Bill would run us ragged at practice and force us to do those horrid exercises where you sit against the wall until your knees buckle. The days when our main plays were called “Hallie” and “Number two” because the assistant coach thought my name was Hallie for half the season, and we apparently weren’t creative enough to come up with a good name for the second one. The days when we’d practice in the church gym on Tuesdays until seven, and then run to the other building for youth group until nine.
Anyway, so tonight kind of brought it all back and made us really, really miss those days.
They were pretty awesome ones.


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