Five on Friday

1) Guacamole on Subway sandwiches does not taste good. I’m regretting it now because it totally ruined my whole sandwich.

2) Speaking of food, yesterday Jessica, Brittany, Genisee, and I went to Olive Garden for $6.95 soup and salad lunch (except they charged us $7.95). And I found my new favorite soup there: chicken gnocci. Yum, yum, YUM. I had warm, happy soup belly all day. And of course I could eat that salad all day. I think I need to go back there very soon.
3) I’ve been told today that my eyes are extraordinarily blue. It’s because I’m wearing a very blue shirt. Ssshhhh. Don’t tell anyone my secret to extraordinarily blue eyes.
4) Found an awesome blog today. If you ever find a lost camera, or lose a camera, go to this site. It’s good to know there are caring people in the world who just want to get your pictures back to you.
5) I’m hoping it stops raining for now; I’m itching to go home, get my camera, and take pictures outside with the cloudy gray light that’s going on out there. I think I’ll see if Britt wants to just walk around the neighborhood with me.

One thought on “Five on Friday

  1. Ryan February 7, 2009 / 6:52 pm

    Did you and Brit go winter walking after the storm?

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