Super Bowl Sunday

So here’s how Super Bowl Sunday went down:

~Britt and I went to Jarrod’s house loaded with chips, pretzels, and wonderful Mike’s lemonade (for the girls).
~Jess and Mikey weren’t there… even if it was a joint party with them and Jarrod. Tsk tsk.
~Lots of other people were there. To the point that folding chairs had to be brought in. And lots of thieving of the good chairs.
~Lucky for me, I stole Jarrod’s good spot early and Justin and I managed to hold those chairs for the entire game, cuz we’re buddies who’ve got each other’s backs. And we will fight other people who try to steal our buddy’s chair. 
~Jarrod was pretty much the only one cheering on the Steelers. It made the party interesting, because he gets defensive. 🙂
~In keeping tradition, I chose based on color of uniforms. FYI- maroon and white totally kick highlighter yellow pants out of the running. Seriously, who picked that specific florescent color for the Steelers? Was it some kind of game strategy? To blind the other team with ugly? That must have been it.
~ Poor Cardinals. They were so promising the second half…
~ What was up with those lame commercials? I even spotted two that were text only spots. No pictures. No graphics of any kind. No storyline. No laughs. You know where those kind of ads are good? The newspaper. Don’t waste my time during the Super Bowl if you can’t put your 5 million to proper use.
~ 3D commercials. I don’t know what the big deal was, but then, I didn’t have the super special glasses.
~ Outrage from the Cardinals supporters in the room, when one of the Steelers blatantly started shoving a Cardinal for no good reason, and after the play was over. Jarrod was in the bathroom for this shining moment and wouldn’t believe us.
~ Jarrod’s defense when we kept on him about his dirty, cheating Steelers (and the winning quote of the day): “They’re called the Steelers, all right! They’re not called the Angel Princesses!”

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