A Series of Unfortunate Events, and One Lucky One

Well, our Ikea trip yesterday morning was a bust:

~ The cute duvet covers I saw online? The line wrapped through the store and outside for those.
~ Black sheets, with cute black patterned pillowcases and cool red accent colored pillows? They had ’em, but the red pillows would have cost around $20 for two, and the brilliant black spread I found ended up being a mix from three different sheet sets. Seriously, Ikea. What’s up with that?
~ The canvas square organizers ended up being $4.99 each, not 2 for $4.99 like it said online.

So I got nothing. Whatever. At least we had fun. And lunch at Subway always helps brighten any day.

Fortunately the day picked up, because Saturday was the day my dad was going to tackle my truck once and for all. In case I haven’t mentioned this much, my car keeps dying on me. Or refuses to start right up when I want to leave somewhere. This has made me develop a fear of driving on the freeway or any lane that isn’t the farthest right, in case I need to pull over before my truck stops on its own. I know, la-ame.

He’s taken out quite a few other parts in the last couple of months in his attempt to fix this problem. Finally it came down to the battery, which was the most expensive to replace. So dad and I set off for a little find-the-cheapest-but-best-battery outing. One trip to WalMart, two trips to Autozone, and two Jack in the Box milkshakes later, we had ourselves a battery.

A freaking $90 battery.

This battery better be really good.

So my dad got it in no problem, I started up my car, and holy jumper cables, Batman! I didn’t know that was what my car was supposed to sound like when it started up! It was powerful, and dependable, not this little weak baby cough that it usually makes. So my dad takes the old battery back to Autozone to see how bad this battery really was, because he thought the whole time it was just the connectors were loose. Or something. I don’t really know these things. Turns out when they tried to test the battery, it was so low it couldn’t even be tested. And apparently it was a miracle I’ve been able to drive it at all these last couple months.

Hooray for not dying in a fiery car wreck on the freeway!

So I might be getting back some of my $90 since my old battery had a 7 year warranty, and we were just starting year 4 with it. Just $20 or so, but still, anything’s better than paying a full $90.

Picture of the Day, of my awesome dad fixing my car, to come as soon as my sister sends me the pictures. Apparently I forgot to put the CF card back in my camera yesterday, and I had to use hers.

And now I’m off to the Super Bowl! Don’t know who I’m cheering for yet; it’s going to depend on the color of the teams’ uniforms and how awesome the names of their quarterbacks are.

(Because names like Jake Delhomme are just so fun to say.)


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