Picture of the Day Update

So, it’s two days until the end of January, and so far I really truly have a picture for everyday. It’s harder than I thought it would be, because some days I’m just not doing anything interesting enough to photograph, and other days I am but didn’t bring my camera (or the rechargable batteries of the point and shoot died… at three different inopportune times).

But I’ve decided that no matter what, a picture will be taken. Even if it’s something stupid that I have to scrounge around to find. Like the lone present under our still-up Christmas tree on Day 28. Or the picture of Jenna eating the white chocolate covered pretzels that I had thrown in the trash the night before on Day 29. And of course, there’s always the fallback bathroom mirror picture.

Disclaimer: There are a few that obviously I didn’t take myself, like the one below where Brittany got me trying to photograph the moon. But what rules say I can’t use those kind of pictures? 


One thought on “Picture of the Day Update

  1. Ry January 31, 2009 / 3:14 am

    Jenna looks like some familiar actress in that shot, and it's bugging me that I don't know who… but yeah, total pretzel ad material.

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