Another Year of Magic

And it was a splendid start. Two groups, three cars, and four hours after the scheduled departure time of 8:30, we finally all met up at the Matterhorn. The list of friends today:

Brittany, Ryan, Jenna, Alicia, Andy, Aaron, Jarrod, Beth, Taya, second Brittany, and Shawn. It was quite a group, but everyone got along super well, so it was way fun.

Disclaimer: There are a lot of pictures here and they are all out of order. I do not have the patience to go through and chronological-ize them.
First picture is actually the last picture. Here’s Brittany posing in front of Crush the Turtle in one of the parades.

This is so not a good picture, but it’s the only one I have of us in the front row of the Aladdin show. Jarrod sweet talked the guy at the door into letting all 12 of us sit front row center since it was Taya’s birthday month. It was crazy.

Andy and I gearing up for the show.
Cool castle pic #1
Cool castle pic #2
Cool castle pic #3
This is the time when Jarrod took a picture of himself while the camera was still around my neck.
Jenna poses cutely, and Andy has that face.
The actual first pictures of the day: Waiting it out for Space Mountain, Round One.

Apparently the Gap photo shoot carried over, because doesn’t Ryan totally look like he should be in a Gap catalog here?

Picture of the day, courtesy of the B-Cam!

So here’s the story with the teacups: Jenna, Beth, and Jarrod wanted to get a cup going super fast, and I got recruited to photograph the experience, since the teacups have no effect on me as long as I can stay focused on something. Seriously, I went once with Jon Morse and Adam Peterson, and those two can get those teacups going like I have never seen before. They’re the reason I know to focus on my camera when I’m on that ride.
Unfortunately for me, there was just one little second when I got thrown off focus. And it caught up to me a few hours later, and I couldn’t eat anything until the queasiness finally lifted around 11:30pm. Blast those teacups.

But it’s okay, because we got some rad pictures:

Jenna loves the teacups.

So do Beth and Jarrod.

Maybe Jarrod loves them a little too much.

This is always one of my favorite posed pictures! The Matterhorn!
And that’s it. Until next month!


One thought on “Another Year of Magic

  1. Ry January 28, 2009 / 1:19 am

    Aw, the teacup pics almost make me wanna go on them next time. But not enough…

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