I was at Cosmos, and now I’m at Starbucks

Because that Dead-Last Brian or whatever I re-named him two posts ago, actually picked to go on last tonight, even when his name didn’t come up last for once. What is with that?

So I hit the road.

Actually, Ryan and New Friend Chris showed up, because I had promised them ample room to read peacefully, and it turns out an overwhelming crowd of Cosmos open night mic-ers made a liar out of me. (Next week I’m getting there at 5:45 to get that darn corner table! You watch me. Just watch me.) So we walked down the street to calm, peaceful, apparently smelling like a nail salon, Starbucks.

Fifteen tries to get online later, and here we are. You gotta love that Starbucks.

PS- Sorry, Brian, for ditching you. You may not know yet, but I’ve left. And we’ll see about next week.

PPS- Katelyn, wish you were here. I might have suffered through for you. But not for Brian.


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