So me.

Also titled, What I Did on My Day Off:

1) Slept to 9:30am
2) Went to work. I know, what’s a day off if you still have to go to work. Don’t worry. I was only there for a 20 minute meeting. Then I had the entire day stretched ahead of me, with no plans. So I improvised.
3) Went to Costco. I’d searched from 10am-10:30am for my box of contacts, as I am currently in desperate need of a new pair. I searched high. I searched low. They were nowhere to be found and I was starting to panic. (Contacts are expensive.) Then I thought to myself, Did I even pick them up from Costco last month? And the truth of the matter was that I had not. Fortunately, Costco keeps them for you, even if you’re a goof like me and don’t pick them up for thirty-seven days.
4) Went browsing at Barnes and Noble. It was crowded.
5) Went to Cutter’s Point with Jenna and Jenn-without-an-A. We’re still here. And I remember all the reasons why I love Cutter’s Point more than Starbucks, besides the free internet and glorious natural sunlight. And yes, I’m working on my writing… in between checking facebook and reading other people’s blogs… I’ve got like 125 words written.
6) Uploaded a few POTDs from the last week.

Explanation: Britt was going to toss this magazine cutout of John Krasinsky, but graciously asked if I wanted it. I told her if I found an 8.5 x 11 frame I would. I did find said frame, and said John is now displayed very prominently over my desk.
Explanaton: Time was running out for this POTD, so I simply set the camera up to take a picture of the room in general, where Ryan and I had been watching How I Met Your Mother episodes for hours. And Jenna came in right in the middle, and totally made it in the shot. I love it.

Explanation: None needed.

The wonder
of purple summer


One thought on “So me.

  1. Ry January 20, 2009 / 5:33 am

    Beautiful picture… and very appropriate caption.

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