I really like musicals.

I really like soundtracks from musicals.

And when I’m the only one in the office, as has been the case for the past two days, I rock the musical soundtracks all day long. I also sing along. 

I try not to sing too loudly, though, because these walls are pretty thin, and I don’t want the people at the family ministry next door to hear my private concerts. It’s like singing in your car; you don’t want everyone to hear you, and that’s why you do it there. 

In the rotation today:
Spring Awakening
Lea Michele’s rendition of On My Own

P.S. One of my new goals is to meet Lea Michele. That girl seriously rocks On My Own like no other. (Also, does anyone else think in that video she looks more like a girl disguised as a Jedi, rather than a girl disguised as a Revolutionary from Les Mis?)

One thought on “Confessions.

  1. Ry January 14, 2009 / 3:16 am

    I wanna join in on this goal to meet Lea Michele. She's amazingly talented and freaking beautiful.

    Ever since NPH on SNL, I've been geeking out over the RENT soundtrack a bit. “525,600 minutes…”

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