Project 365.

So here’s a sampling of pictures I’ve taken for 365 so far. I’ve decided I’m not posting every picture, as about a quarter to half of these will be random, around the house, “oh, no, I forgot to take my 365 pic today and now it’s 11:45pm!” photos. And I’m sure there’s only so many self portraits taken in the bathroom mirror that you want to see.

So I’m only putting up the fun ones, or the ones that tell a story. Or the ones that are just rock your socks off aesthetically pleasing.

Picture 003 is a reminder of a fun night I had last week when I was still feeling a bit under the weather. I think it was like 6 in the evening, no one else was home, and I was snuggled on the couch with my down blanket, the new energy efficient heater, and the fifth Harry Potter movie, which I’d just picked up from the library. I don’t often watch movies in the dark by myslef, but it just seemed so right in this setting.

Day 004: My laptop was in major need of a cleaning. But I am not one of those types who will just wipe the screen with anything (ahem, almost everyone I know). I also don’t like spending $10 for cleaners. So I found a great “recipe” online to clear the dust off LCD surfaces. One trip to Walmart and around $2 later, and I had me the ingredients for a homemade laptop screen cleaner. I made extra, so if anyone’s ever over to the ol’ apartment and needs a good laptop cleaning….

Day 009: This is what boys do at our house. I suppose we could have entertained them better… (Actually, this would be a good time to point out that what Ryan is doing in this photo is creating his blog. Hooray! The moment of conception for You Wanna Laugh, It’s Too Absurd, the latest and greatest blog title inspired by Spring Awakening lyrics.)

Day 010: So technically this pictures comes from the same gathering, but fortunately we know how to party and this photo was well into the second hour of January 10. (Yeah, we know how to party- we are partyin’ fools with that Office trivia game!)

Photo 011: RIP Chargers

Day 012: The first day I truly almost forgot to take a picture! Instead of succumbing to the noncreative self portrait, I luckily had a nice stack of books right next to me that tell the tale of the project I’m currently working on.

Here’s where I explain my project, in vague details, because those are the only kinds of details I offer about projects I’m currently working on.
I’m working on a children’s book (hence the 2009 CWIM). It’s actually going to fall into the young adult category, but pretty much anything geared towards 18 and younger is considered to be in the children’s publishing domain. The Book in a Month book is this awesome book I picked up last week with the Borders email coupon. Basically, it’s a walk-through of prompts and plans and… homework, if you will, so the task of writing a book is more structured, for those of us who prefer structure in our lives. You can choose to go hardcore and really write a book in a month, or take one of the more mellow routes which leads you to a well-developed outline. I chose the second one.
Normally I don’t post about my writing, or what I’m writing, or how often I’m writing, mostly because I assume if I put it out there, then some people will inevitably come back with, “So how’s the writing coming?” In which most cases, I’d have to answer either, “Yeah, um, it’s okay… I’m a little stuck… the ideas… they’re mulling in my head right now,” or the more honest, “Yeah, I haven’t really added any words to that thing in over a month now.”
I’ve made the mistake of telling Jenna my goals for writing, and Jenna is very good at keeping people accountable. I don’t like letting Jenna down when she asks me how my book is coming along. But, you know, maybe that’s what I need to finish. People asking me. Bugging me. Getting in my face and asking why I watched discs two and three of The Office instead of sitting at my keyboard and adding words. Any words.
So, my loyal friends… I hereby give you permission to ask me about my writing. (And question my Office watching expenditure.)

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