So I spent the majority of today backing up my 2008 everything. It took a long time. And then I spent five minutes tidying up the first day of 2009, and that was great fun.

I’m kind of weird with my organizing.

So, clearly, I’m embarking on the Picture Of The Day endeavor, also known as Project 365. Yesteray’s picture was from our little trip to the snow, and today’s sums up my view for the last six hours or so. I’ve got my trusty laptop, my faithful external hard drive, my awesomely cute new green wireless mouse, and my baby laptop, which I affectionately call Wall-E. It’s just that cute. You’ll also note my snack of choice here: dark chocolate clearanced holiday M&Ms and caffeine free coke. Because part of my declaration of FREEDOM this year means I’m nixing my addiction to caffeine. I just have to trick myself out of it, you see….


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