Things I’ve Forgotten to Post

Brittany’s birthday and acquisition of the Best.Game.Ever: The Office Trivia game, complete with That’s What She Said tokens and a Fun Run Race for the Cure bracelet, sported by Andy in this picture.

Sea World with Ryan and Andy. I had a pass. They both had a pass. We decided to go. It was fun.

December Nights, which was pretty lame, but the fun science stuff museum was cool.

Christmas decorating!

Working hard at getting those glass ornaments ready for a hangin’.

Roommate Christmas card!
And last, but not least, pie date night, round three, with Mandy and her new man, Katie, Kalani, and Dan. We got to Marie Calendar’s twenty minutes before closing, so we grabbed our pies and moved the party back to Katie and Kalani’s place. With the pie, hot chocolate, sparkling Christmas tree, and sitting cross legged on the floor, it really felt so Christmas gathering-ish. πŸ™‚


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