Baby, it’s cold inside.

Dudes. It’s freaking cold. December has hit with a vengeance this week. Although it has had a hard time making up it’s mind. Monday = rainy day from hell. Tuesday= not a cloud in the sky. Wednesday= the hurricane wasn’t so bad from inside my heater-filled office all day. Thursday= clear as a bell all day. Friday= cold on the outside, but somehow not cold enough that my car didn’t need a few minutes of air conditioning every time I got in it.

And now it’s practically penguin weather out there. (Which I hear is very cold. Thanks, Sea World.)

(Oh, and I just remembered my Sea World pass officially expires today.)

(But this is off subject.)

On subject: this frakkin’ cold weather. When I’m not de-chillin’ in front of my space heater, this is what you can find in our house:

(I’ve got my uggs on, too, but you can’t see them here.)
Brittany’s not quite as bundled, but you get the picture. It’s COLD!

Whatever happened to the sunny San Diego Christmases of yore?

See us winter walking,
after a storm


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