Went to work late. (Because I stayed up way too late.)
Did work. (In the warm, warm office.)
Left work. (Trying to avoid the main streets during rush hour.)
Rescued Jenna. (Her car went and died on Grossmont Blvd in rush hour.)
Stopped at Dominos. (They did not have $3.99 pizzas like the rumor said.)
Had spontaneous movie night with Jenna. (Wall-E + pizza + coke + roommate bonding time.)
Played more switcheroo. (We have a fourth roommate coming soon. Must be prepared.)
Worked on my blog book. (Almost through summer 2005!)
Stayed up way too late. (From the coca cola high.)

And repeat.

May not be cool
but it’s so where I live.


One thought on “Yesterday

  1. thesmallblondeone December 19, 2008 / 9:17 am

    I'm tryin'! But I'm pretty sure I'll soon come to the point where the lyrics don't actually match what I'm writing about… my life just isn't angsty musical enough.

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